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Arrange your mortgage with Libero Financieel.

Have you found your dream home and want to make an offer? Then you need to know the maximum mortgage amount you can borrow. We think it is important that you also have room for fun things in life. That is why we also take your future plans into account when calculating your mortgage. 

Whether you are a starter, move on or entrepreneur, everyone wants Financial Peace of Mind. There is nothing more stressful than having financial worries. That's why we continually look for the mortgage that suits your situation. Now and in the future.

You pay €350 upfront. For this, we make unlimited calculations for you. The rest you pay afterwards at the notary, when you get the keys to your dream home. With us, you pay a fixed rate. So you won't have to deal with any additional costs. This keeps us on our toes to always work accurately and punctually. A mistake in the calculation is our responsibility, and we won't pass it on to you. However, it is possible that we will charge additional fees in case of special features. We tell you this in advance, during the mortgage interview. So after the mortgage consultation, you know exactly where you stand. Click here for an overview of our other services and rates.

But we also have something to keep you on your toes. If you submit the necessary documents for your mortgage application correctly in one go, you will receive a €150 discount.

So, we really do it together.

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€ 2,395
Buyer with mortgage
€ 2,795
v.a. € 2.595
With mortgage
v.a. € 2.995

Golden Start Package

Don't have a specific property in mind yet, and are you quietly exploring the housing market? Then our Golden Start Package can help you. With the tools in this package, you will make an immediate leap forward in this constantly changing housing market. With the Golden Start Package, you are guaranteed to buy a home. Even if you are planning to buy a property in two years' time!

Golden Start Package 


Combine Libero Financieel with Libero Aankoop and get a unique and personal offer!
A real win-win situation. Unlimited buying guidance on the purchase of your dream home and the best financial advice.
Go for the perfect match: living happiness with financial peace of mind.