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Are you buying a house or renovating a house? Large sums of money are involved. You need to make good choices when it comes to the mortgage, the mortgage type, the terms and the lender. Wrong choices can have big consequences for the future. 

1. Introduction and Inventory

We start with a consultation to get to know each other. During this meeting, we will mainly talk about you. We want to know what your wishes and goals are. For now and for the future. After all, your mortgage should be future-proof. This means that we already consider the possible study of your children and your retirement. But we also consider income risks such as death and disability. We list all these things together, so you know exactly what is possible and responsible. This meeting and inventory can take place at our office or online.

2. Interest rate offer

Once we know what your wishes and objectives are, we can select the mortgage and lender that suits you best. Lenders all have their own conditions, and they differ considerably from each other. We look at the interest rate, but especially at the conditions that are important to you.

Of course, we also discuss the validity of the offer, whether the interest rate can decrease during the term, how much you can repay penalty-free and whether you can smoothly move the mortgage to your next home.

We work with around 40 lenders, and we compare the terms and conditions of all of them. Once we have made a choice, we request an interest rate offer.

3. Online mortgage file

The interest rate offer looks like a mortgage offer, but it is not yet a mortgage offer. The interest rate offer contains the documents needed for the mortgage file. Once all the documents are provided, the file is reviewed. Collecting all the documents is often a time-consuming process.

We work with an online file. We ask you to share certain data with us via DigiD. That way we already have a lot of information about your income, pension and equity. You can upload all other necessary documents via your own file. In that online file, you can also see the progress of your mortgage application. Once all documents are approved, the binding mortgage offer follows.

You can take out a mortgage with us online.

4. Monitor proces

A lot needs to be arranged and a number of dates are important. The expiry of any resolutive conditions and arranging the bank guarantee are particularly important. We monitor the process and help you with everything. We arrange the appraiser, liaise with the notary and if necessary apply for the bank guarantee.

5. Binding mortgage offer

The moment the bank issues the mortgage offer, the mortgage application is accepted. We check the offer together so that everything is clear. After the bank receives the signed offer, they send it to the notary.

6. Risk insurance

Based on the inventory and supplied documents, we clarify the risk of death, disability and unemployment. There is no obligation to take out insurance, but it is wise to make the right considerations. In case of death, it is nice to know that those left behind can continue to pay the expenses and put money aside, for instance for the children's studies. The same goes for disability. Through the WIA, there is a social safety net and sometimes the employer has taken out insurance, but your income can still drop significantly. Together, we discuss whether you want to insure these risks.

7. Non-life insurance

If you own a home, you need to make sure it is well insured. Home insurance is compulsory. Home insurance covers damage to the house by storm or fire, for example. In addition, it is always advisable to have contents and liability insurance. Contents insurance provides cover for your belongings in the house and liability insurance for damage you may cause to other people's belongings or personal injury you cause. We will be happy to make a no-obligation proposal for your insurance package. In this, we can also include your other insurances. Think about insurances for your car, travel, legal assistance, etc. If you include all your insurances in one package, you can get a package discount. And all your financial affairs are conveniently under one roof and clearly laid out in your customer portal and app!

8. Wealth advice

Our inventories almost always show that money is needed to achieve certain goals. Paying for the children's studies, making a trip around the world, retiring early or closing pension gaps. People often save or invest, but without a clear strategy. We can help you with that! Depending on the budget and goals, we look for possible solutions. Saving, investing, or a combination. We collaborate with all kinds of asset managers with different strategies. We are happy to show you the possibilities.

9. The key transfer

The time has come to go to the notary to hand over the keys. There you will sign the mortgage deed and the deed of transfer. The house is finally yours. You receive the keys and can start working on the house or maybe move in straight away. A week or two before the transfer date, you will receive the draft deeds and the financial statement from the notary. We check the drafts to make sure everything is correct.

10. Aftercare

You pay the collection of the mortgage payments monthly afterwards. Usually on or around the 1st of the month. During the term of the mortgage, you can always contact us if you have questions about your current mortgage. Especially, if it looks like you will temporarily be unable to pay the charges, it is important to contact us as soon as possible. We will look for solutions together with the bank.

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