Who we are

Libero means free. We are advisors in financial freedom. Owning your own home can be a blessing, but also a burden if you make irresponsible decisions. That is why we always calculate what the responsible monthly costs are based on your income, family situation and plans for the future. We also take income risks into account, for instance if you become disabled or die at a young age. We can insure those risks.  

Libero Financial is new to this market, but well-experienced. We originated because we believe that applying for a mortgage can be faster, better and easier. We also stand for making homes more sustainable. With simple energy-saving measures, you can improve your energy label as well as reduce your energy costs. We know exactly how to finance this and what subsidies you can get.

Do you also want sustainable living and clear mortgage advice that suits you? Then you fit in with us!

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Jan-Hendrik is a dad of four children. At weekends, he always positively encourages his children along the football or hockey pitch. But you can also find him in the gym, on the golf course or at an FC Twente home match.

His mission: to give you financial peace of mind by setting up financial building blocks such as mortgage, assets, pension and insurance in the right way. He has over 25 years of experience in financial services as a recognised mortgage advisor, certified financial advisor and private life planner. In short: Jan-Hendrik knows exactly what you need to become truly happy.

Marije can regularly be found along the line. She enthusiastically encourages her two boys at football. She is also a creative person and makes the most beautiful drawings and paintings. In winter, she likes to ski and to après-ski!

Her mission: to give you financial peace of mind by unburdening you. And with 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry, she can do that like no other. She has a gift for explaining difficult terms and issues so that it is understandable for everyone. Marije loves helping you buy your dream home.

Denise loves travelling. Discovering other cultures together with her partner and enjoying nature...that is her passion. She also likes to ski.

Her mission: to give you financial peace of mind by constantly looking at how processes can be improved. Denise always wants the best result for you. She is also a buying agent. An ideal combination!

Thijn loves to golf. In his spare time, you can find him on the golf course.

His mission: to give you financial peace of mind by making sure your file is complete for the mortgage application. Because of his accuracy and precision, he removes the smallest mistakes from the files. So, you never have to fear delays. Thijn will complete his study this year, so he can help you to secure the perfect mortgage.

Mirjam is a real outdoors person and loves hiking. Walking a long-distance trail, an organised hike or a four-day walk is what she likes best in her free time. She has already walked the Nijmegen Four Days Marches (200 km) twice. Still, a small-scale four-day walk is her preference. But she is also keen on a nice run. And in winter she regularly takes a dip in a recreational lake.

Her mission: Get it right the first time! Nothing is more annoying when clients have to deliver everything all over again and suffer major delays as a result. She therefore checks all documents meticulously before sending them on to the lender. Mirjam has more than 30 years of experience in financial services and is a true professional.

Johan is a real sports enthusiast. Tennis, football, but especially running is his great passion. Several times a year, he schedules a working holiday on Tenerife: to recharge, relax and unwind. And that works! He always comes back with the most innovative ideas.

His mission: to give you financial peace of mind by thinking in solutions. He is innovative and solution-oriented. We call in Johan's expertise when we need a mortgage solution for an anomalous situation, such as a tiny house. But also when it comes to financing home sustainability, including applying for subsidies. In addition, Johan is constantly modernising processes. An example of this is our ability to take out a mortgage entirely online.

Financial Peace of Mind is what we want for you

Housing is a fundamental right. A roof over your head is one of the most important basic needs. In today's overheated housing market, it is still not easy to meet this basic need. Our mission is to work together to ensure that you can fulfil that need. But with financial peace of mind by choosing the right mortgage.

Libero Financial works together with Libero Aankoop, the largest purchase broker in the Netherlands. Together, we do everything in our power to ensure that you can buy a home that does not drive you crazy by blindly outbidding. The purchase and the monthly costs must be justified. Once you have secured your dream home, we will take care of the entire process, from applying for the mortgage to handing over the keys. Every step of the process is easy to follow via your customer portal and app.

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