Combine Libero Aankoop with Libero Financieel and get a 590 euro discount!

Combine Libero Financieel with Libero Aankoop and get a 590 euro discount! A real win-win situation. Unlimited buying guidance on the purchase of your dream home and the best financial advice. And if you take out the Combi-Deal now, you may be able to take advantage of the unique bidding insurance. This allows you to make an offer without financing reservation. Ask your Libero Financieel advisor about the conditions.

Go for the perfect match: living happiness with financial peace of mind.

Starter  Buyer with mortgage Entrepreneur
Libero Aankoop € 1.695 € 1.695 € 1.695
Libero Financieel € 2.295 € 2.795 € 2.995
Total € 3.990 € 4.490 € 4.690
Combi-deal: € 590 discount € 3.400 € 3.900 € 4.100

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A unique opportunity!

Libero Aankoop and Libero Financieel work together a lot. Buying a home and applying for your mortgage are inextricably linked. If you combine our services, you now receive a € 590 discount as well as the following benefits:

  • Unlimited purchase guidance. With a Libero Aankoop buying agent, you will find the gems on the market. You will find homes that are NOT on Funda, homes that are on Funda for a LONG time and homes 48 hours BEFORE they are on Funda. Libero Aankoop also gives you a purchase guarantee. This means that we will continue until you have purchased a property.
  • Unlimited calculations. See a property you want to view? Our financial advisor will first make a calculation for you. You will immediately know where you stand and whether you can afford the house.
  • The best estate agent. Our estate agents are great at negotiating. That is why we do not work with a commission, but with a performance bonus. If we manage to buy the house below the asking price, you pay us 10% of the negotiation result. The other 90% is all yours! Expecting a big negotiation result? Then contact us for a personal offer!
  • Unique bidding insurance. Do you qualify for the unique bid insurance? Then you can make an offer without any financing conditions. Such an offer is actually always irresistible to the seller. You increase your chance of an accepted offer.
  • A mortgage that suits you. The financial advisor looks for the mortgage that best suits your situation. Now and in the future.
  • Pay afterwards. You pay most of your mortgage only afterwards, once we have purchased a property for you and the mortgage has been arranged. You pay €350 handling fee in advance. For this, our financial advisor makes unlimited calculations for you. 

With the combi-deal, you get an immediate € 590 discount!

Yes, I want that € 590 discount!