Mortgage advice

A mortgage should suit you. Not just your income, but also your spending pattern, your wishes, plans and family situation. We find it important that you get a mortgage that suits you, giving you financial peace of mind. In short: a responsible mortgage. Now and in the future. The mortgage rate is hugely important, but so are the conditions. If something changes in your personal situation, you want the mortgage to move flexibly with you.

Of course, we also look at the resolutive conditions. Sometimes it makes sense to use a certain condition when you make an offer on a property. It also happens that you can omit a condition and greatly increase your chance of making a winning bid.

We also believe living should be sustainable. Therefore, we always give advice on how to make the house more sustainable. And we will tell you which energy-saving options are possible and the best way to finance them.

Financial peace
Hypotheek 23-09-2023
I enjoyed working with Jan-Hendrik and I will recommend it to any of my friends and family. He provides the best value for money service as compared to others. Jan-Hendrik responds fast, in full and providing all the relevant information for you. I enjoyed his autonomy in conversation with the bank, I did not have to get involved if it was not needed but I did get my mortgage with the conditions I wanted and for the price I needed. Not only that, but I also received some tips from him on how to file my taxes in the end of the year. Also, he was always polite and nice, never had a bad experience. Super grateful.

Mortgage advice in 6 steps

  1. First consultation
    We discuss your needs and indicate what is possible and justified during the initial advisory meeting via video call or at the office.
  2. House found and offer accepted
    We select the lender that best suits your needs. Here, we also look at the interest rate and conditions.
  3. Interest rate offer
    First, you will receive an offer containing all the details of your mortgage, including an interest rate. We discuss these together. We want everything to be clear.
  4. Online customer dossier
    In your online customer dossier, you can upload all the documents we need and track the progress of your application.
  5. Binding mortgage offer
    Once everything is approved, you will receive the final offer. The mortgage application is accepted.
  6. To the notary!
    The moment that really matters; you can go to the notary for the transfer.

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