Sustainable mortgage advice
including complete purchase guidance

'I want to buy my dream house and would like to know the maximum amount I can borrow'. 

This should be the first question when clients come to us. But in 90% of cases, they come to us with the following question: 

'I want to bid on a property and need to know the maximum amount I can borrow, today!' 

This is not going to work. If you first calculate the maximum amount you can borrow, you increase your chances of making a winning bid. The advantages of first drawing up a Financial Requirements List and then bidding are:

  1. You know exactly what your budget is. You only search for houses within that budget.
  2. A bid with a Financial Requirements List is much more attractive to the seller. He has much more certainty that you will get the mortgage.
  3. Your chance of a winning bid is 3.4 times higher.

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