Golden Start Package

Don't have a specific property in mind yet, and are you quietly exploring the housing market? Then our Golden Start Package can help you. With the tools in this package, you will make an immediate leap forward in this constantly changing housing market. With the Golden Start Package, you are guaranteed to buy a home. Even if you are planning to buy a property in two years' time!

Get a Golden Start on the housing market

Take the Golden Start Package for a Golden Start to the housing market.

Now for €199 with a total value of €527,50.

Golden Start Package 

The Golden Start Package

  • Mapping your housing needs
  • Market scan based on your housing needs
  • Valuation of every property you want to bid on
  • The bestseller 'Woning Kopen? De Gouden Tips! by Korné Pot
  • Unlimited mortgage calculations
  • Unique bid insurance
  • Dual bid

The contents of the Golden Start Package

For a Golden Start on the Housing Market

✔ Mapping out living wishes (value € 150)

Together, we map out your housing needs. You will then immediately get a realistic picture of the options available to you. You may need to adjust your living preferences. Our goal is always to help you buy a home that meets all your wishes and requirements. That is one of the advantages of this package: You can always spar with a real buying expert.

✔ Market scan based on your housing needs (value € 150)

If we know your housing needs, we will perform a market scan. In no time you will know how realistic your housing needs are. And we are always honest. Based on your housing needs, we will look for properties that meet your requirements and have been for sale recently. We show you all the details of these properties so that you know exactly what is usual and common within your living requirements. Thanks to the market scan, you will be a buying expert in your personal segment in no time. And do you still have questions? Then you can always contact Libero's purchase expert.

✔ Valuation of every property you want to bid on (value € 95 per property)

Have you seen a property you would like to bid on? Then we will perform a valuation. You will then know exactly how much the property is worth and whether you should bid on it.

✔ The bestseller 'Woning Kopen? De Gouden Tips!’ by Korné Pot (value €32.50).

Super handy! All the Golden Tips for buying a property bundled in one book. We have already sold 18.500 books. It is a real must-have for every home buyer!

✔ Unlimited mortgage calculations (value €100 per calculation)

Our financial adviser performs a mortgage calculation for every property you want to bid on. This is super convenient because it puts GOLD in your hands. You know immediately whether you can afford this property and you can show the seller that you can buy it. This increases your Gunfactor enormously!

✔ Unique bidding insurance 

This insurance allows you to make a bid without any financing conditions. You don't run any risk; that risk lies entirely with us. The advantage for you is that your offer suddenly becomes much more interesting for the seller of the house. The financial adviser will first calculate whether and how you can make use of this bidding insurance. Is your offer without financing reservation successful? Then you will pay us the costs for this unique bid insurance afterwards. Is the bid unsuccessful? Then you pay nothing at all.

✔ Dual bid (unique offer)

Is it possible for you to take out bidding insurance? Then you can make an offer without any financing conditions. We can therefore 'play with the bid'. The dual bid is the technique of the moment. With this technique, you leave all competitors behind during the bidding process and pay a much lower price 9 times out of 10. And hardly anyone applies it! We do!

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Golden Start Package