How often do you check your financial situation?

You must inspect your car every year. You take your bicycle to the bike shop for servicing every year. You exercise regularly, have your blood pressure checked at the doctor's. But how often do you check your financial situation? 

Most people never do. They take out something once and that's it. But what about when you change jobs, when you have children, or when your children fly out? Maybe you are divorced, remarried. Or you bought your first, second, third home. Have started as an entrepreneur or just gone back into paid employment? All these situations affect your financial situation. 

It is important to review your financial situation annually. Are you not paying too much? Is everything arranged for 'later'? Or could you do better? 

So an annual check for your finances is not such a bad idea. Of course, you can't do it yourself. You also need a specialist for your car check-up. That is why we have put together three maintenance plans for your financial situation. You can choose which plan suits you best: Basic, Comprehensive or Top. 

With our maintenance plan, we unburden you. You no longer have to think about anything. We maintain your financial situation annually, so you don't have to worry about later. Each year we check your finances. If there is room for improvement, we will arrange it for you. That's what we call Financial Peace of Mind.

Let's schedule an appointment to discuss your financial situation. Together, we determine which maintenance plan is right for you.

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With a maintenance plan for your finances, you will never have to worry about your finances again. We make sure you never pay too much and that everything is well-organised. Of course, you can always call or email us if you want advice on your concluded products.

You can choose between Basic, Comprehensive and Top. The maintenance plan takes effect as soon as we have your approval. Each month, you pay the amount that corresponds to your plan. The minimum term is 2 years. 

Whatever plan you choose, you always get a 5% discount on mortgage advice up to a maximum of 125 euros!

€ 25 p/month
€ 35 p/month
€ 45 p/month
Continuous right to advice on closed products
Advice on sustainability and obtaining subsidies
Annual income tax return (worth €100)
Application and adjustment of provisional refund (worth € 100)
Fixed client discount: 5% per year effective immediately up to a maximum of 30% on future advice invoices
Advice on non-life insurance 
Claims settlement
Annual check whether mortgage interest can be lower (lower risk class, switching, mortgage interest, interest mediation)
Annual update based on check of source data
Annual check of income risks (death, disability, retirement)
Financial planning
Comprehensive annual insight into financial situation
Annual check whether financial objectives are up to date
Wealth advice (free guidance and advice)
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