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Bear in mind that you will have to pay a number of costs yourself. You will therefore always need own money if you want to buy a house. This is often an amount of 4 to 6 percent of the purchase price. You need this, for instance, to pay the buyer's costs.

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Your maximum mortgage depends on many factors

Your maximum mortgage depends on your income, but also on the market value of the house. You can never borrow more money than the market value of the house. There is one exception. Sometimes it is possible to borrow up to 106 percent of the market value of the property. But only if you are going to make the house more sustainable. You then have to indicate during your mortgage application how you'll spend the money. The bank will then put that into a deposit. From that deposit, you can pay the costs for the sustainability measures.

Your maximum mortgage depends on your income and the market value of the house you want to buy. But there are more factors that determine your maximum borrowing.

  • Your current mortgage. If you already have a mortgage, this will also affect the maximum amount you can borrow. Our tool does not take this into account. So if you already have a mortgage, it is more likely that you can borrow slightly less than the calculation indicates.
  • Your age. If you are 56 years or older, we already take your retirement income into account. This may cause the calculation to be slightly different.
  • Expensive rent. Have you lived in a rented accommodation with a high rent for at least three years? Then you may be eligible for the enduring tenant mortgage. In that case, lending standards are slightly more relaxed. However, you must pay at least a third of your monthly income in rent.
  • Current interest rate. If the current interest rate is high, it means your monthly costs will be higher. Therefore, if interest rates are higher, you can often borrow slightly less.
  • Debts. Study debts and revolving loans also mean you can borrow less. Do you have a negative BKR registration? Then it is even harder to get a mortgage.

There are many factors that influence the amount of your maximum mortgage. Our calculator gives you a good indication of your maximum mortgage. But if you want to know exactly how much you can borrow, then schedule an appointment with one of our financial advisors.

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