Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the working method of Libero Financieel?
    At Libero Financieel, you have all your financial affairs under one roof. You can come to us for a mortgage application, but also for financial advice and insurance. Our working method tells you exactly how we work.

  2. How many banks can I contact through Libero Financieel?
    We are independent. This means that we are allowed and able to work with all banks. If you hire us to take out a mortgage, the possibilities are endless. We always find the perfect mortgage to suit your situation. Now and in the future.

  3. Can I take out a mortgage online with Libero Financieel?
    Yes, with us you can take out a mortgage online. This is useful if you do not live near our office or if there are other circumstances that make it difficult for you to leave your home. We are in touch via video call. This can be done at a time that is convenient for you. We work with an online customer portal. This portal shows you exactly which documents we still need from you to complete the mortgage application.

  4. What are the cost for mortgage advice from Libero Financieel?
    Mortgage advice is always customised. That is why there is no single price we charge. We have special prices for a number of target groups. For example, for starters, first-time buyers and entrepreneurs. Check the rates page for a complete overview.

  5. What is discussed during the first meeting?
    If you need financial advice because you want to buy a home, we always start by drawing up your Financial Requirements List. We go through your financial situation together, so you know what your maximum borrowing capacity is and what your monthly costs will be. We do this during the first meeting. That is why it is useful that you provide us with some financial information prior to this meeting. We will let you know exactly what we need when we plan the appointment.

  6. What is the Financial Requirements List?
    With a Financial Requirements List in your pocket, you know exactly what your maximum borrowing capacity is. This is handy for you, as it tells you exactly what your maximum budget is. But it can also be a useful tool to convince the seller. If you add your Financial Requirements List to your bid for the property, the seller will know that you can definitely get the mortgage for the property. This may make him decide to accept your offer, even if it is not the highest bid.

  7. How does bidding insurance work?
    With our bid insurance, you are 4 times more likely to get an accepted offer. With bid insurance, you can make an offer without any financing conditions. And you don't run any risk. The risk lies entirely with us. >> more information about bid insurance 

  8. What is the maximum amount I can borrow?
    The maximum amount you can borrow depends on many factors. Such as your income, the market value of the house you want to buy, but also your current mortgage, your age, the current interest rate and any debts. Calculate here what you could borrow at most. Want an exact calculation? Contact us.

  9. Can I increase my mortgage?
    Yes, there are various options for increasing your mortgage. However, there are often costs involved. And bear in mind that your monthly costs will also go up if you increase your mortgage.

  10. Can I make extra repayments on my mortgage?
    Most mortgages allow you to repay a certain amount extra every year without paying a penalty. If you want to repay more, you will pay a penalty to the lender. The conditions of your mortgage deed state whether, how and how much you can redeem without penalty.